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Epicure Market enjoys an award-winning cheese department. Our experts import fine cheeses from across the globe. Most of our cheeses, except for a few Kosher choices, are cut on-premise, never pre-packaged. Ask for a sample. We want you to love cheese as much as we do.

Our selection includes:


  • Italian Ubriacos, Pecorinos, Asiagos and several Parmigiano Reggianos
  • French Raclette, Camembert, Epoisses, Cantalet and Bries
  • Spanish Tetilla, Mahon, Romao and a wide selection of Manchegos
  • British sharp Cheddars, fruity Wensleydales, and aged Carmody
  • A range of Blues from mild Danish to pungent Roqueforts and Gorgonzolas
  • Goat cheeses from fresh Vermont logs to aged Spanish wheels
  • An extensive selection of American artisanal cheeses, which prove that finding good cheese does not require a passport


At our cheese department, you will also find an extensive tapas bar, with olives from all over the world. Plus, tomato mozzarella salad, grilled vegetables, marinated seafood salads, pickles, cheese-stuffed peppers and grape leaves.

Epicure Coral Gables

We also carry the finest caviar from Caviar & Caviar.

Stop by for an ounce or two of caviar, a few blinis and crème fraiche for a truly special experience.

caviar & caviar